Human Heredity


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Human Heredity

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How To Solve Pedigree Problems Instructions

Pedigree Practice Problems
(E Bio wkst)

Pedigree Practice Problems 1

 Pedigree Practice Problems 2

Blood Type Practice Problems

Blood Type Practice Worksheet 2

Color Blindness Practice Problems

Blue People of Kentucky

Cracking the Code of Life Worksheet


Blood Typing Lab

Chromosome Karyotype Lab

Genetic Dice Lab

Abbreviated Karyotype Lab

Pedigree Studies Lab

Genetic Counseling Sickle Cell Lab

Genetic Profile Pedigree Lab

Investigating Human Traits Lab


Activities/ Videos

Blood Types Video

Blood Typing Game

Drag and Drop Pedigree Problems

Huntington Disease CAG Repeats

Hemophilia: the Royal Disease

Heredity In Families

Term Paper Help

How to Read a  Chromosome Map

Genetics Home Reference Guide

Gene Maps and Chromosome Mutations

Genes and Disease

Difference between a Works Cited and Bibliography

Works Cited "How To" Information


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