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Handouts/ Worksheets

Study Guide (Chap 20)

Study Guide Chap 20 Key

Study Guide (Chap 21)

Study Guide Chap 21 Key

 (Restriction Enzymes: How is DNA Manipulated Worksheet

Restriction Enzymes Wkst

Strategies for Creating Plasmid Map

Plasmid Mapping Wkst 1

Plasmid Mapping Wkst 2

Plasmid Mapping Wkst 2 Key

Plasmid Mapping Wkst 3

Plasmid Mapping Wkst 3 Key


Virtual Gel Electrophoresis Lab (Part 1)

Gel Electrophoresis Lab Report

Virtual Gel Electrophoresis Lab (Part 2)

Gel Electrophoresis Lab Report (Part 2)

Making a Standard Curve Video

Making a Standard Curve PPT


Video:  How to Make a Restriction Map

Video:  How to Make a Restriction Map 2

Video:  How to Make a Restriction Map 3

Simulating rDNA Activity

Cloning a Paper Plasmid (Foglia)

Who Ate the Cheese

Microarray Virtual Activity



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