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The purpose of using this self guided learning module is to supplement the genetic engineering in the textbook "Modern Biology".  This module should be completed in a two to four day time frame.  During this time, students will use computers during class.  They may also work outside of class to complete the assignment.

Prior to this topic the students have learned the concepts of DNA, Mendelian genetics, human and population genetics.  They have enough background to enable them to process and learn the information presented in this module. 

Target Audience

9th grade honors biology class


The audience should walk away with (content):
     Concept of genetic engineering, different types of GE, how GE is performed, 
     concept of GMO's, how GMO's are produced, and risks and benefits of all aspects
     of GE covered in module.

The users should know how to:
     Navigate the website, research on the internet, follow directions, apply
     information found in module, apply previously learned information, and determine
     which information found in sites is important.

The students should get:
     Improved reasoning skills, improved writing skills, skills previously not known,
     knowledge that internet is an unlimited resource, an enhanced interest in the
     topic of GE,  ability to evaluate and synthesize information into a written opinion
     with supporting details.



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