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  • Your team must choose a disease.  To see the disease list, click the microbes below


  • Once you have chosen your disease, get approval from your teacher. 
    Only one disease per class will be allowed

  • Research your disease using the links provided.  If you would like to use additional sources, you are free to do so.
  • The following topics should be included in your PSA and brochure in the following order:
    1. Name of disease and any additional names.

    2.  Approximate year and location when disease was discovered.

    3.  How disease is diagnosed.

    4.  Mode of disease transmission (droplets, surfaces, air, zoonotic, etc.)

    5.  Name and description of pathogen that causes disease.

    6.  Incubation period of disease.

    7.  Symptoms and duration of disease. (include pictures if appropriate)

    8.  Prognosis:  survival and/or mortality rates.

    9.  Current treatments such as vaccines, antibiotics, pain killers, etc.

    10.  Methods of disease prevention.
  • Using the topics from your research, write a script for your PSA.

  • Film your PSA using either a digital camera or a digital video camera, and place it on a DVD.  Submit it to your teacher.

  • Create an informational brochure using the topics from your research.  You may use the link below to help you design it.

  brochure design

  • PSA’s will be due one day before the brochure so your teacher can show them during class.  Your teacher will notify you of the due date.