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Here is how you will proceed:

Days 1-4

  • Each specialist will research their question.

  • Each specialist will organize the information
    found into a one page presentation.

  • Each specialist will make a PowerPoint slide
    of their presentation.  This will be used in the group presentation.

  • As a group, the committee must brainstorm and  list least eight actions to reduce global warming.

  • The group presentation should contain a total of five slides.
         -  each specialist slide
         -  actions to reduce global warming slide

  • The title of the specialist role should be placed at the top of the slide.

  • Each specialist slide should contain the question they researched and bullets of the information they found in their research.

Day 5

  • Each committee will perform their PowerPoint presentations to the class.

  • The class will debate the pros and cons of man made global warming.

  • The class will re-take the global warming opinion poll to determine what they have learned.

  • After taking the test the class will begin
    observing the movie "An Inconvenient Truth".



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