Your task is to research the subject of acid rain.

In this activity you'll learn exactly what acid rain is, its causes and effects on people, animals, rivers, plant life and buildings. 

You will find out where it occurs, and what possible solutions exist, if any, to reduce the amount of acid rain falling from our skies.



You will work with a partner to answer the following questions. 

Using the links below, answer the following questions:

Click here for unit questions.  Print the page and complete the questions.

1.  What is an acid? What is acid rain?

2.  What chemicals make rain acidic, and how does it happen?

3.  Where do these chemical come from?

4.  How do we measure the acidity of rain?

5.  What is pH?

6.  Describe the pH range and list various food and chemicals that correspond to the various
      pH levels.

7.  What is the pH of normal rain, and at what level does the pH become dangerous?

8.  What effect does acid rain have on trees and soil?

9.  How does the effect of acid rain on trees and solid affect us?

10.  What happens when lakes and aquatic systems become acidic?

11.  Are the aquatic systems in our area being affected by acid rain? If yes, to what extent?

12.  What are the danger signs which indicate the influence of acid rain upon aquatic systems?

13.  How does acid rain affect humans?

14.  What is the world trend in the problem of acid rain?

15.  How does acid rain affect buildings and architecture ? (give the mechanism)

16.  What does acid rain do to our roads, highways and bridges?

17.  What does the effect of acid rain cost us in terms of money?

18.  What are the economic consequences of acid rain on fisheries, forestry, and agriculture?

19.  What is the effect of acid rain on things made from metal such as automobiles, trains, buses,
        and other means of transportation? How?

20.  What is the estimated cost of preventing acid rain, or any solutions?




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